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Fluid FilmŪ  Semi-Liquid AR

Amber soft-gel. Will not evaporate.Used in heavy marine and general industry, particularly for ballast tanks and voids, chains, hoists, wire rope, winches, turnbuckles, conveyors, bearings, augers, drills, valves, linkages, scales, joints and zert fittings. Preserves parts in storage or during shipment.Used in the maintenance of aircraft, heavy equipment, and automobiles. Also used in refineries, salt plants, power plants and gas companies.  Made in U.S.A.

Note: Fluid Film AR is not recommended as a vehicle undercoat. Fluid Film NAS is the recommended product for vehicle undercoating.
Fluid Film Semi- Liquid AR products  (AR is a very thick product)
Fluid Film is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection and lubrication.
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Kellsport Products specializes in stocking and shipping Fluid Film 55 Gallon drums all over the world. We stock most Fluid Film formulas in 55 Gallon Drums. Give us a call for multiple drum discount programs.

Fluid Film Semi-Liquid AR gallons, pails, and drums in stock for same day shipment
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Fluid Film MSDS Sheets
Free shipping on orders over $35.
Free shipping on all orders over $35.
Fluid Film  1 Gallon AR Semi-Liquid Can
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Fluid Film  5 Gallon AR Semi-Liquid Pail
$199.00 per 5 gallon pail
Free shipping on all orders over $35.
Fluid Film Semi-Liquid AR 55 Gallon Drum
We may have a dealer close to you that has a drum in stock. All fluid Film 55 Gallon drum prices include delivery to your business location.
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Free shipping on all orders over $35.
Fluid Film  16 oz. AR Semi-Liquid Jar