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Eureka Fluid Film     "Liquid A"

Description:   Oily amber transparent liquid. Environmentally friendlier. Solvent free. Non-toxic. Will not evaporate. Reacts with moisture to form a soft gelatinous barrier. This mixture is chemically combined and thus is unavailable to cause corrosion.
General Usage:   Anti-corrosive coating, lubricant and penetrant for all metals. Provides protection against attack by moisture and salt solutions. May be applied to soften and remove heavy rust. Used in the maintenance of aircraft, heavy equipment, marine equipment (such as rudders, voids, inaccessible areas), mining equipment, farm machinery and automobiles. Also used in refineries, salt plants, power plants, and gas companies.If conditions dictate a heavier coating or lubricant, refer to other Eureka Chemical product bulletins or Eureka Chemical Company.

Application Methods:   Can be applied under ambient conditions by airless spray, roller, brush, dip, slush, floatation.
When storing Liquid A for dip application, material must be kept moisture and water free.
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Note: Fluid Film Liquid A is not recommended as a vehicle undercoat. Fluid Film NAS is the recommended product for vehicle undercoating.

Fluid Film Liquid A products
Fluid Film is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection and lubrication.
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Fluid Film MSDS Sheets
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Fluid Film  Liquid A  5 Gallon  Pail
$199.00 per 5 gallon pail
Fluid Film  Liquid A  1 Gallon  Can
$49.50 per 1 gallon can
Fluid Film Liquid A 55 Gallon Drum
We may have a dealer close to you that has a drum in stock. All fluid Film 55 Gallon drum prices include delivery to your business location.
$1495.00 including shipping charges to your business.
Extra 1 Quart Bottle & Cap $5.95  
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Air Spray Gun for Fluid Film $36.50
This is a brand new gun specifically modified to apply Fluid Film NAS undercoat.
* Smaller nozzle opening  * Longer siphon tube * Heavy duty grommet trigger (no flimsy c-ring)
2 Quart plastic bottles & screw on cap included.
Frame is imported. Trigger, nozzle, and all attachments assembled and Made in USA