Fluid Film is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection and lubrication.
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Call us at 888-341-4600 for information.
Call us at 888-341-4600 for information.
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Kellsport Products is a proud distributor of Eureka Fluid Film spray lubricant rust preventive, Fluid Film Gallon Cans, and Fluid Film bulk products in 5 gallon pails & 55 gallon drums.
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Partner with us and become a FLUID FILM®, Undercoating location.

• Start a new business or add to an existing business
• Low investment. The only equipment expense is the starter kit.
• No fees of any kind. Huge growth opportunity
• Sell a proven product with 60+ years of solid history
FLUID FILM® will provide the best protection to your customer’s vehicles
FLUID FILM® is an annual application and promotes repeat business
FLUID FILM® is solvent free, environmentally friendly, and easy to apply
• Your business will be listed and promoted on the FLUID FILM®  "Undercoater Locator" website. Our advertising will help drive customers to  your business.

Join the many successful FLUID FILM® undercoating locations that are already enjoying the profits from selling the best auto undercoat product available. FLUID FILM® is a great way to generate additional revenue to your existing business.

FLUID FILM® Undercoating Starter Kit
Interested in becoming a FLUID FILM® undercoat location ? Give us a call at your convenience.
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Fluid Film Undercoater tri-fold brochures and business cards now available.