Fluid Film is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection and lubrication.
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Fluid Film MSDS Sheets
Call us at 888-341-4600 for information.
Call us at 888-341-4600 for information.
What is Fluid Film ?
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Boat Trailers
Apply to all electrical connections for lighting system, suspension leaf springs and spring hangers, hull rollers (bearings or bushings), hitch coupling connections, ball hitch, height Adjustors, winch, any exposed metal.

Electronic Equipment
Fluid Film is non-conductive, and will not harm electrical connections. Make sure that connections are made before applying Fluid Film. Will protect both the fuse block and the end connectors.

All Marine Engines
Spray on entire surface of engine when winterizing to reduce corrosion. Fluid Film will not hurt natural rubber hoses. Spray entire outboard engine area.
Fishing Gear
Lightly coat to protect from salt spray. Use Fluid Film to lubricate screws, bearings, cogs, drag washers and as a protective coating.

Fluid Film  Marine Applications

Ground Tackle
Nuts & Bolts
Outboard Engines including interior housing from salt spray
Sail Slides
Tackle Boxes
Throttle, Steering and Shift linkages
Thru-Hull Fittings
Wire Rope

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Fluid Film Jet Ski & Boaters Kit

This is great for the Jetskis and marine engines..  It includes (3) of our most popular 11.75 oz cans,  and the 24" extension wand that fits on the spray cans.. If purchased separately, this is a $54.00 value (with shipping). Buy this kit for only $44.50 shipping included

Trailer Kit.  Protection for boat and utility trailers. Includes 16 oz. jar of heavy duty Fluid Film AR marine formula.
Spray thoroughly with Fluid Film NAS and then brush heavy marine Fluid Film AR on the "high-rust" areas (leaf springs, hubs, etc.)
Stop Rust on boat trailers, utility trailers, RV's.
Fluid Film AR marine grade
Boat trailer and Utility trailer rust prevention kit
Spray Fluid Film inside the frame tube
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Fluid Film trailer kit for boat and utility trailers.

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