Fluid Film is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection and lubrication.
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Fluid Film MSDS Sheets
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Eureka Fluid Film   11 3/4 oz. aerosol spray can extension wand
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Extension wand fits Fluid Film aerosol cans $14.50  
24" clear pvc hose with 360 degree nozzle at end. Simply remove the red nozzle from the top of aerosol can and plug in this hose. You can replace regular nozzle at any time. This extension hose includes free shipping to lower 48 states.



FLUID FILM in an easy to apply aerosol can. Prevents corrosion on all metals. Lubricates moving parts. Long lasting protection.

The extension wand fits Fluid Film spray cans. It is a 24" wand with a 360° nozzle. This is great for getting in the inaccessible areas. (jet ski's, car doors, marine engines, etc).