Fluid Film Spray Guns

Kellsport Products is the leading distribution warehouse for Eureka Fluid Film aerosol and Fluid Film pails and drums. We ship to Fluid Film Dealers and auto parts stores all over the country. Ask your local dealer if they carry Eureka Fluid Film.

Fluid Film is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection and lubrication.
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Fluid Film MSDS Sheets
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Air Spray Gun for Fluid Film $36.50  
2 Quart plastic bottles & screw on cap included.

Extra 1 Quart Bottle & Cap   
Buy extra bottles for undercoating guns.
This bottle fits both the Standard and the Pro gun.
             $5.95 ea.




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Extension wand fits Fluid Film aerosol cans $14.50  
24" clear pvc hose with 360 degree nozzle at end. Simply remove the red nozzle from the top of aerosol can and plug in this hose. You can replace regular nozzle at any time. This extension hose includes free shipping to lower 48 states.



Free shipping on all orders over $35.
  Fluid Film "Pro" Undercoating Gun
* modified internally to apply Fluid Film NAS
* adjustable nozzle for  flow control
* includes (3) clear quart bottles with caps
* includes 24" flex open-end extension wand   
* Includes 32" flex 360  extension wand
* Includes Brush Applicator
* Operates at 70 - 90 psi
* European Made            

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Fluid Film Undercoating Applicator Spray Guns

Includes (3) quart bottles for fast reload & Brush cap for battery terminals
Includes 24" flex open-end for extra reach
360 nozzle
Fluid Film undercoating applicator guns from Kellsport Products have been modified by the gun manufacturer to work especially well with Fluid Film NAS formula. These are not "stock" undercoating guns. We have spent several years working with different manufacturers to "tweak" and develop the very best Fluid Film applicators available. These guns are specifically manufactured for use with Fluid Film NAS formula (undercoating), and may not work well with other products.

We do not recommend airless spray guns for auto undercoating with Fluid Film. Many undercoaters have told us that airless guns waste 25%-50% more Fluid Film. The airless spray pattern is drastically different from an air atomized system. Airless spray does not wrap and feather around angles and edges like air atomized systems do. Airless systems are great for large flat surfaces such as walls and ships hulls. They do not perform well on undercarriages with lots of protruding and angled parts. Also, due to the extreme high pressure (500-6500 psi) airless spraying is considered much more dangerous. Airless guns can be extremely dangerous. Watch this video on airless sprayers.

Below is our new and improved standard Fluid Film undercoating gun.
Nozzle opening reduced by 40%+ for finer spray and less overspray and waste.
Ergonomic heavy duty  trigger attached with a grommet (no flimsy c-ring), Brass push rod has been doubled in thickness.  
Gun Frame is imported, nozzle, trigger, and all attachments are assembled and Made in U.S.A.
* Operates at 70 - 90 psi
** Note: At this time there are no extension or 360 wands available for the Fluid Film Standard undercoating gun. If  these options are necessary, please consider the Fluid Film "Pro" Undercoating Gun below.
Below is our Fluid Film "Pro" Undercoating Gun
Modified specifically to apply Fluid Film NAS formula.
This is the optional 16" long straight wand for the Pro Gun
Looks like this when mounted on Pro Gun
$89.50 for complete setup with (2) flexible wands as shown at left . Free Shipping
Fluid Film "Pro" Undercoating Gun -- $89.50 (plus option if wanted) Free shipping.
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Includes 32" 360 flex wand for extra reach
Fluid Film PRO Gun kit $89.50
16" Aluminum Solid Wand +$17
Extra Bottle & Cap +$5
Regulator for gun +$12


Below are extra or replacement flexible wands for the Fluid Film "PRO" undercoat gun
24" open-end wand for extra reach. Fits PRO GUN only. 
This is the optional 16" long straight wand for the Pro Gun






Auto Undercoating Hole Plugs
1/2" Plastic plug for access holes.
Flat flush surface auto and truck undercoat hole plugs
Bag of 25 plugs



Note: We recommend using a 1/2" unibit for drilling access holes. Regular drill bits do not make a perfectly round hole.
Undercoating Hole Drill Bit For Undercoating Plugs. Needed for drilling a perfectly round hole.



Specially designed drill-bit easily makes 1/2" hole,  so hard to reach areas can be more easily accessed, and access hole plugs fit perfectly tight.

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$ 19.50
32" 360 wand for extra reach. Fits PRO GUN only.
$ 19.50
$ 19.50
$9.75 per bag of 25
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$24.75 each
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$18.00 per bag of 100
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Fluid Film Standard Gun $36.50
Extra Bottle & Cap +$5




White pouring cap/spout for Fluid Film gallon cans  $7.50
Fluid Film / Kellsport Products

Optional air regulator to adjust psi from gun end.
Replacement brass nozzle for Pro Undercoating Gun



$12.50  each
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